Directed by Ben Epstein, Seth Epstein

Cast: Lee Eddy, Marco Joseph

Upstairs-downstairs neighbors Dan and Mia have never met, but the thin floor between their apartments offers its own kind of intimacy. In an alternative reality where sounds – and the sensory memories that accompany them – can be captured in food storage containers, Dan approaches Mia with a proposal. He offers some of the sounds of his life in exchange for some of the sounds of hers. As their surreal exchange unfolds, they visit the sounds that have defined their romantic relationships for good and ill, and wonder if the most difficult memories are meant to be shared.

Directors’ Bio

Seth and Ben Epstein are Los Angeles-based brothers with deep Dallas roots. They bicker like children, hug it out like grown children, and spend the rest of their time trying to make each other laugh.

Plays in


The Nitehawk Shorts Festival MATINEE ONE program presents eight short films that explore sincere and insincere quests for intimacy, the attraction of nostalgia, and a very personal look at our immigration climate.

Dates & Times
Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Sat, Nov 16
11:30 am