Directed by Heidi Lee Douglas

Cast: Flame Kimbell, Leith Alexander, Marigold Pazar, Peter Healy, Shaun A. Robinson

In the wild forests of Tasmania, battle lines are drawn between loggers and environmental activists. Seeking proof of an endangered animal, ambitious science student Eddy goes a step too far and gets bitten. She returns triumphant to the activist camp manned by a skeleton crew of hardcore activist women, and hides her injury. But when loggers attack the camp Eddy’s bite turns nasty and the changes overtaking her body become a threat to all sides

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The Nitehawk Shorts Festival MIDNITE screening presents the most innovative new voices in genre filmmaking; now at a reasonable hour (9:30pm). This program presents seven films that explore the beautiful horror found in sacrifice and revenge.

Dates & Times
Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Thu Nov 8
9:30 pm