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Directed by Giovana Olmos

Cast: Blanca Alicia Loaria P., Zuleyka Rojo Enk, Nathalie Hernández Bejarano, Juan Guillermo González, Alvaro Espinoza, Melina Camacho, Edmundo Mosqueira, Diana García

In a rundown building, Susana, the doorkeeper, sets out to collect one tooth per apartment: the monthly rent. From the first floor to the highest balcony, the excruciating installment jeopardizes the safety and the housing situation of the lodgers.

Director’s Bio
Giovana Olmos was born in Mexico City in 1995. She is based in Montreal since 2006. Her work earned her an entrance bursary at Concordia University for outstanding portfolio in film production. During her undergraduate degree, she was awarded two production grants. Her magical realism short Mapou (2015) screened in many North American LGBT film festivals including Inside Out Toronto. Her second short, Silvia in the waves (2017) is still in the festival circuit with more than 30 international selections, a world premiere at the Festival International du Film Indépendant de Bordeaux and a merit awarded by the Chicago Int’l Film Festival’s CineYouth Film Fest.

She is a longtime collaborator of Montreal’s Afro LGBT film festival Massimadi.

Plays in


The Nitehawk Shorts Festival MIDNITE screening presents the most innovative new voices in genre filmmaking; now at a reasonable hour (9:30pm). This program presents seven films that explore the beautiful horror found in sacrifice and revenge.

Dates & Times


Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Thu, Nov 8
9:30 pm