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Directed by Kristian Bakstad

Cast: Christoff Lundgren, Mackenzie Gray, Brandi Alexander

A scavenger discovers a valuable artifact deep within an abandoned facility on a desolate planet. Hoping for a big payout, he ventures inside, only to find something much more sinister.

Director’s Bio
Kristian Bakstad began his career in the film industry as a graduate of the Directing and Producing programs of Vancouver Film School.  He then moved in front of the camera, acquiring member status of UBCP/ACTRA before embarking on a short career as a Stand In.  During this time he had the opportunity to work for award winning DP’s, Directors and Producers, while learning the the art of film making from the center of the action on set.  As a self taught visual effects artist and editor, he strives to understand the technicals and creatives, while infusing inspirations of graphic arts, video games, and modern media into his films.

Plays in


DUST is teaming up with Nitehawk to deliver an evening of some of the best sci-fi content the Nitehawk Shorts Festival has ever seen. The first-ever Sci-Fi Midnite presentation will include various popular short films from the DUST catalog, as well as works submitted specially for the event from a variety of filmmakers. Audiences will enjoy films that range from traditional science fiction to groundbreaking genre content.

Dates & Times


Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Sat, Nov 10
12:10 am