Directed by William Reynish

Cast: Alba Marie Eken Heydenreich, Simon Bennebjerg, Thomas Gabrielsson

HOME GROWN is about a girl evacuated from a nuclear accident, who returns to look for her father. But when she arrives to find him, everything is grown over. She finds her father, but he is not the same. She then has to try and put everything back like it was, but eventually she is the one that changes. It’s a 20-minute short film about leaving the past behind, and accepting that nature finds a way. The film uses a combination of animation techniques. Backgrounds are composed of photos that have been ‘camera mapped’ onto 3D surfaces, and the characters have then been animated on top.

Director’s Bio
Passionate about animation, design, games, photography & user interfaces, William Reynish has done work both as a designer, animator and director such as character animation on the films Big Buck Bunny and Sintel, which are some of the most popular openly available movies available on the web.

Currently I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark, heĀ attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fina Arts School of Design, and graduated from The National Film School of Denmark where I directed Lost in the Funhouse, Back to Bed and Whole.

Plays in


DUST is teaming up with Nitehawk to deliver an evening of some of the best sci-fi content the Nitehawk Shorts Festival has ever seen. The first-ever Sci-Fi Midnite presentation will include various popular short films from the DUST catalog, as well as works submitted specially for the event from a variety of filmmakers. Audiences will enjoy films that range from traditional science fiction to groundbreaking genre content.

Dates & Times
Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Sat, Nov 10
12:10 am