Ici, là et partout

Directed by Sawako Kabuki

Love(or being in love) is a wonderful thing that colors our life, but love is not always visible and sometimes is vague and ephemeral.

Director’s Bio
Sawako Kabuki is an eccentric young animation artist in the tradition of legendary Japanese animator, Yōji Kuri.  Her work pushes the boundaries of comfort by depicting female bodies masturbating, defecating, and even puking.  Her luridly coloured films are surreal and daring.  There is always a tongue in cheek sense of humour lurking around in the corners of her work.

Plays in


The 2018 Nitehawk Shorts Festival MUSIC DRIVEN program offers a series of short form documentaries that highlights music as vehicle for change, and follows individuals who use this power to overcome emotional, social and economic obstacles.

Dates & Times
Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Thu, Nov 8
7:00 pm