Directed by Michael Vecchio

In 1967 a sing-along piano bar in the basement of a building in with a storied history opened in New York’s West Village. This short documentary explores why it has and continues to be a home for misfits, musical theatre lovers and tourists alike.

Director’s Bio
Michael Vecchio is a Brooklyn-based photographer / videographer and recording engineer / producer. Vecchio first gained attention in New York as composer and sound designer for celebrated Deitch Projects artist, Haluk Akakçe. Vecchio is currently directing and shooting two documentary films – including the history behind a set of 3D slides from the 1950s that caught the attention of TIME Magazine. Most recently, Vecchio was hired by Bandujo Advertising and Design to shoot an anti-smoking ad for NYC Department of Health and by E! News Australia to shoot NYC Fashion Week.

Plays in


The 2018 Nitehawk Shorts Festival MUSIC DRIVEN program offers a series of short form documentaries that highlights music as vehicle for change, and follows individuals who use this power to overcome emotional, social and economic obstacles.

Dates & Times
Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Thu, Nov 8
7:00 pm