Directed by Dylan Pasture, Lauren McCune

Cast: Lauren McCune, Nancy Munger, Bennet Floyd, Angeline Gragásin, Melody Louisdhon

READY FOR LOVE covers a decade of a woman’s life, as told only through her own video submissions to be a contestant on The Bachelor.

Director’s Bio
Dylan Pasture and Lauren McCune have cumulatively written, directed, and/or produced such shorts and features as PARTHENON, INNARDS, A FEAST OF MAN, and CLOUDY ALL DAY. This is their first collaboration as co-directors. They live in Brooklyn and Denver.

Plays in


The nine shorts in the CLOSING NITE screening at the Nitehawk Shorts Festival highlight bonded families, searching for a sense of belonging, and the effects of media on individuals. Taking place at Nitehawk Prospect Park.

Dates & Times
Nitehawk Cinema Prospect Park

Mon, Nov 12
7:00 pm