Directed by Brielle Brilliant

Cast: Talia Wisely, Izzy Contreras, Tim Kinsella, Jack Bensinger

A little girl decides to become a Streaker to distract from her sister’s violent behavior.

Director’s Bio
Brielle Brilliant is a writer, filmmaker, and investigator of language, violence, and youth. She is the winner of The Lorien Book Prize and the author of Thoughtcrime Press’ The Curtsy Family. Her debut novel, The Spud, will be published this November with Featherproof Books.

Plays in


The nine shorts in the CLOSING NITE screening at the Nitehawk Shorts Festival highlight bonded families, searching for a sense of belonging, and the effects of media on individuals. Taking place at Nitehawk Prospect Park.

Dates & Times
Nitehawk Cinema Prospect Park

Mon, Nov 12
7:00 pm