Directed by Adina Istrate

Cast: Alastair Mackenzie, Emma Campbell-Jones, William Stagg

TERMINALLY HAPPY is set in a not-so-distant future where pollution and the perpetual lack of sunlight have set in motion an alarming wave of suicides, a group of scientists is appointed to produce an emergency bereavement drug to curb the epidemic. In an attempt to solve the crisis as well as self-medicate, the protagonist creates a chemically-induced interactive experience meant to alleviate the pain of the mourner. However, he also inadvertently destroys his relationship with reality in the process. The film discusses the ethics and ramifications of tampering with the natural course of the healing process and applying a “one size fits all” solution to a hypothetical psychological pandemic.

Director’s Bio
Adina is an award-winning writer/director and co-founder of ToyBox Films. A London Film School graduate with a background in writing for television, Adina’s work has garnered international recognition from the MEDIA Programme, the European Commission, Clermont-Ferrand Euro-Connection,  Berlinale Short Film Station, Film London, Vestnorsk Filmsenter, Nisi Masa, Northern Film & Media and the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Plays in


DUST is teaming up with Nitehawk to deliver an evening of some of the best sci-fi content the Nitehawk Shorts Festival has ever seen. The first-ever Sci-Fi Midnite presentation will include various popular short films from the DUST catalog, as well as works submitted specially for the event from a variety of filmmakers. Audiences will enjoy films that range from traditional science fiction to groundbreaking genre content.

Dates & Times
Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Sat, Nov 10
12:10 am