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Directed by Chuck Przybyl

Bill Wisener has been the sole-proprietor of a record store for 42 years. At its largest point Bill’s store was considered the largest independent record store in the country – it was in a former 3 screen movie theater in Dallas, Texas. For years Bill would advertise that he would buy any record, regardless of the condition. After the decline of the music industry Bill moved his collection to a smaller location. He now makes his living spending long and sometimes lonely hours selling a small but steady amount of records. Although his store is no longer bustling, he still loves to connect with people. Bill’s store has over 50,000 records, almost all are unpriced and uncategorized.

Plays in


The 2019 Nitehawk Shorts Festival MUSIC DRIVEN program offers a series of music videos and short form documentaries that highlight music as a diverse expression of self at any age.

Dates & Times


Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Wed, Nov 13
7:00 pm

Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Fri, Nov 15
12:20 am