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Directed by Caroline Williams

Cast: Alissa Nutting

A young mother gets cosmetic facial injections. In glimpses of her daily routine, the woman’s frequent consultation of a smartphone appears to influence her decision to enhance her appearance despite the beauty already present on her face and in her life. Videos of cosmetic procedures are common online marketing tools and frequently posted on social media. The videos rarely provide emotional context for the people (mostly women) getting the treatments. Whether these women are empowered or controlled with regard to their image is open to interpretation but this film offers the viewer a chance to experience emotional context as they sit beside a woman actually undergoing the procedure.

Plays in


The 2019 Nitehawk Shorts Festival MUSIC DRIVEN program offers a series of music videos and short form documentaries that highlight music as a diverse expression of self at any age.

Dates & Times


Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Wed, Nov 13
7:00 pm

Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Fri, Nov 15
12:20 am