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Directed by Alessandra Lacorazza

Cast: Carmen Borla, Maga Uzo

Carolina (Carmen Borla), a young Latinx immigrant woman lives with her mother in the United States. She is the caretaker and sole lifeline to her isolated mother, who suffers from incapacitating depression. The burden of tending to an emotionally draining relationship in the midst of a crushing political climate, hostile to immigrants, leads Carolina to consider cutting ties with her mother for good. As her own sense of isolation and racing thoughts intensify, so too does her anger at her needy mother.

Director’s Bio

Alessandra Lacorazza is a queer Colombian-American filmmaker and editor based in Brooklyn NY. Her work deals with both personal and cultural memory, and incorporates themes of resilience, migration, community and alienation. She creates work where identities intersect and form dualities. Recently, she directed a music video for artist Julia Weldon, featured in NYLON, OUT, and GO Magazine, which pays homage to queer bodies, queer spaces, and the latinx lives lost in the Pulse nightclub shooting. As an editor, Alessandra has focused her work on the latinx community in the US and in Latin America. Her work was chosen as part of the 2016 IFP labs and has been shown at various film festivals and featured in numerous online publications. Alessandra is a Meerkat Media worker-owner and Artist-in-Resident.

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Stories of cultural identity, a subcultural legend, meaningful and surprising connection with others, and personal sacrifice comprise the eight short films in the Nitehawk Shorts Festival MATINEE TWO program.

Dates & Times


Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Sun, Nov 17
11:30 am