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Directed by Kristian Mercado Figueroa

Cast: Angela Del Sol Varela, Blaine Morris, Cely Riva, Debora Perez, Eviny Padilla, Hailey Helena Hult, Ineabell Figueroa Velazquez, Quim Del Rio

Mariposa is a poetic exploration on single motherhood through the words of contemporary poet Rachel Inez Marshall. The story explores the emotional gaps between generations of Latinx Woman. We see how the day to day lives of mothers and daughters flash between love & loss.

The film is shot in Spanish Harlem and Puerto Rico.

Directors’ Bio

2019 SXSW Film Festival Jury Award Winner | Music Videos . Kris has worked with Hannibal Buress, Billie Eilish, Awkwafina, Migos, Joey BadA$$, De La Soul, YG, MF Doom, Bernie Sanders, and for Adidas, Planned Parenthood, Glamour Magazine, MTV. He’s also created lots of work with frequent collaborator Adult Swim. Winner of American Diversity Award in 2018.

He works within the Latinx diaspora exploring themes of Love and Loss. Telling stories of the American Working Class, and the things that unite them across race and class. As of late his work has deep ties to Puerto Ricans and their invisibility in media and their shared trauma in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Plays in


The Nitehawk Shorts Festival and NoBudge (the online platform spotlighting the best in low-budget indie filmmaking) have partnered to present a program of seven short films that are either currently or will soon premiere on

Dates & Times


Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Thu, Nov 14
7:00 pm