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Directed by Natalie Johnson

Cast: Annie Grier, Charlie Cherkas, Diana Cherkas, George Emilio Sanchez, John Youngaitis, Matt Hopkins

Claire is a woman taxidermist, and is living with a secret. She lives a lonely, isolated life, spending most of her days and nights in her taxidermy shop with her father and mentor. Claire is also in mourning. She’s recently experienced a brutal, late-term miscarriage and is struggling with letting go of her baby.

Director’s Bio

Natalie Johnson is an award-winning writer, director and producer whose work spans both theater and film. With an emphasis on socially relevant themes, Natalie strives to tell stories of those less heard. She studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and as an actor, she has worked Off-Broadway (and way-off Broadway) and in film & television before she transitioned to writing, directing and producing her own work. Films that she has worked on have screened at Nitehawk Cinema with the Future of Film is Female & MoMA, the HBO New York Latino Film Festival, Rooftop Films, the Berkshire International Film Festival and the Nantucket Film Festival. She is currently in development on a feature film exploring the wold of bail bondsmen and the immigration humanitarian crisis on the US-Mexico border.

Plays in


The Nitehawk Shorts Festival MIDNITE program continues to bring the very best in new genre voices onto the big screen. This program of twelve international shorts highlight a range of fright; from tense coming-of-age thrillers to the kind of creepy tales that keep you up at night.

Dates & Times


Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Thu, Nov 14
9:30 pm

Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg

Sat, Nov 16
12:20 am